gusuku Customine

No-Code Customization Platform for Kintone

Easy to customize depending on
the needs of your business with gusuku Customine.

Even if it is difficult with plug-ins,
you can realize fine customization according to your business without code.

For example, calculate with logic something, show a button, change message color,
set a value in a field or invalidate a field.

You can customize easily as you imagine.

Define your customization requirement

What do you want to do?

To start off, you need an idea what kind of customization you’d want to achieve.
(e.g., Show/Hide certain fields, Automatically calculate by local date)

Set up the blocks on Customine app

Just select and arrange

Let’s set the blocks on the Customine app by a few clicks.
Choose what action you’d want to [DO] at what [CONDITION].

Check out your work on Kintone app

Send to Kintone just one click

Now that you’re set, let’s upload your new customization to Kintone with one click, and check out how the customized app works!

"I don't need to rely on developers.
But I want to adjust a bit."

Did you ever think so?

One of the benefits of kintone is that you can arrange forms freely and create the business application you want.
However, customization such as changing colors according to numbers,
valilidate field depend on custome logic, etc. requires programming with JavaScript.

By using gusuku Customine, you can customize Kintone application with just a simple screen operation freely.

For continuous improvement of operations

Instead of combining plug-ins, please immediately try on what you wanted to do at the moment.

It is possible to improve anytime, any number of times according to the growth of your kintone application.


(A contract per each Kintone domain is required)