A No-Code Customization Platform for Kintone

Strengthen your Kintone Apps
More Support and Update


Build and deploy unique JavaScript customization
without having to write a line of code

Have you ever wanted to highlight cells or display a message depending on the value entered in a field? Kintone’s platform allows you to do so through JavaScript customization which is easy for coders, but not so friendly for non-coders.
Now, you have gusuku Customine to let you build and deploy JavaScript customization within a few minutes.

How to use Customine?

Step 1
Connect your Kintone app
Step 2
Set up the "Do" and "Condition"
Step 3
Try and error to find your answer
Unlimited Combinations of Customization

Set up your "Do" action and "Condition" trigger to make out one "Command" , and connect several Actions together to make a sequence to complete your customization.
We've provided more than 200 "Do" actions and more than 50 "Templates"(preset commands) to fit out more business and we keep updating new features twice a month on average.

Use Cases
Project Management
Contract Management
Inventory Management
Approval Process
Customer Management
Contact Maganement
And more...


Please contact Kintone Corporation for more information.